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Entry Requirements

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There are some basic entry requirements that we would like for you meet up to in order to be accepted as an international student with Durban Aviation Centre. We will expect from you as a prospective student to:

  • Fully understand and comply with the Flight School Rules.
  • Be motivated and professional in your studies and have a positive attitude about flying.
  • Not have a mental disorder or be on any medication that might affect your physical and psychological ablilities.
  • Have respect for fellow students, instructors, aircraft and the School facilities.
  • Show responsibility and maturity in your decisions with regards to flying and planning.
  • Behave in an orderly fashion whilst wearing the school uniform and being on the school premises.
  • Provide Durban Aviation Centre with a certificate or proof of having completed maths and science on a basic level with a training institution (school or similar).
  • Produce proof that you have received training in the english language by providing us with:
    • TOEFL score / certificate, or
    • High school certificate / diploma
    • In absence of any of the above mentioned certificates or diplomas – an interview over the telephone will have to be arranged.
    • The above language proficiency requirements are mandatory since you as a student will have to undergo the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating (LPR) test and receive at least a LPR Level 4 (for PPL) and LPR Level 5 (for CPL), as required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Please make use of the Contact Form to get more information about what other requirements there might be for your specific type of training.