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Multi Engine Rating (ME)

The step up to flying a multi engine aircraft is considerable, as such we believe in the very best of preparation before flight training begins. Our CAA approved course goes beyond what is required delivering comprehensive and rounded training.

This course begins with extensive ground schooling on all aspects of flying multi engine aircraft. Using our very own power point presentation we will guide the student through the theory first, before exploring important practical, performance and safety issues. The theory ground school is a two day course, usually conducted in groups of 2 to 5 people. During ground school the trainee will complete a written examination with respect to the training aircraft. The instructors will then mark and debrief the examination and at the same time explore the training aircraft and its systems in detail.

The flight training begins with general handling and aircraft familiarization flights. Each flight is preceded with a detailed briefing. Once the trainee feels confident and is competent, then the asymmetric, or single engine drills begin. Dealing with an engine failure is challenging demanding that the pilot act efficiently whilst maintaining composure. The student will spend some time in the circuit and for those wishing to complete a Multi engine Instrument rating then Instrument Flying will follow.

The basic multi engine conversion entails two days of ground school, a further six hours of briefing and at least six hours of flight training in our Seneca II. For those wishing to complete their initial Multi engine Instrument Rating add at least an additional five hours of flight training