Flight Test Preparation

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Product Description

This phase of training is mostly conducted in the aircraft; we do however include three to four hours of simulator training as troubleshooting. There is minimal briefing with the emphasis on intensive in-flight preparation for the flight test.

Phase five typically includes 35 hours of flight training in the aircraft and three hours in the simulator. Again students are paired off and will sit in the back of the aircraft during training flights as an observer. This extra exposure is invaluable experience as the student learns from the mistakes of his peers.

The training includes precision and non-precision approaches at Durban International exposing pilots to busy and complex airspace. On-line training is conducted on flights to nearby Pietermaritzburg where there are two non-precision approaches available.

Besides the procedural instrument training, this phase includes general handling lessons, night flying and a series of rigorous pre-test flights and mock oral tests.

The flight test will be conducted by a CAA appointed designated examiner


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