Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

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Product Description

For many years now we have referred to our CPL course as The Professional Pilot Course. Our reasoning is that the course is designed not just to comply with the CAA requirements and not just to pass the flight test. The course goes way beyond, and prepares trainee pilots for the real world of piloting. When reading through the training manual you will see compulsory International flights, challenging navigation exercises to the busiest of airspace. The trainee will experience flying aircraft with new age glass cockpits and receive thorough training on human performance issues such as communication skills, stress management and situational awareness.

Our objective is to train capable, competent pilots who will have the skills and knowledge to go to work the day they walk out of our door.

The CPL course does not stand alone, the training and preparation start from the very first flight lesson toward the PPL. Our Integrated CPL and Instrument rating course is broken down into five phases of training. Each phase of the training builds toward clear goals including the PPL, Night Rating and the Instrument Rating.

In preparing the professional pilot we use a holistic approach. We feel that it is important to help develop the right attitude amongst trainees. Regular safety meetings, briefings on important human performance issues and systems that help develop a strong safety culture are all just as important as the flight training.

Candidates for the CPL will be required to pass eight written examinations on the following subjects, Navigation Plotting& Navigation General, Radio Aids, Human Performance, Instruments and Magnetism, Meteorology, Law & Procedures, Flight Planning & Performance and Aircraft Technical & General. The examinations are all multiple choice and the pass mark is 75%, in-house ground school and one on one briefing will help to prepare candidates for these examinations.

In order to hold a CPL license the trainee will be required to have at least 200 hours of flight time which includes 100 hours of solo flight time. The bulk of the solo hours are flown during the advanced training phase of the integrated course. The advanced training includes a series of testing navigation flights, general handling session, instrument flying checks and night flying. The trainee will be guided and mentored through the course by his training instructor, who will help in the preparation of some flights in particular the international flight. During this phase of the training the student will build up valuable experience that will serve him well throughout his career.

South Africa provides a wonderful opportunity and environment to complete your CPL. The combination of first world ATC, aircraft maintenance and the incredible scenery compliment the busy international airspace in which much of your training will be conducted. This all helps provide you not just with the right experience but also with an amazing life experience.


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