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Jon Sargood

Chief Flight Instructor, General Manager & CAA appointed Designated Flight Examinar

In his role as CFI Jon brings with him a wealth of experience from a flying career that spans more then 20 years, 12 of which he has been a fulltime CFI. As an accredited examiner and holder of an Airline Pilot Licence he has the knowledge and skills to ensure that DAC continues to train their pilots to the highest standerds. As an accredited Assessor and Moderator registered with the Department of Educuation he understands the importance of well structured courses work facilitated by well trained instructors. Jon is particularly passionate about and strongly believes in the value of human perfomance and CRM training. As such he has written a number of unique and ground breaking courses that integrate these important skills into the flight training process from the outset. In an industry were mistakes have grave consequences Jon’s disciplined and thoughtful approach to flight training makes him a valuable asset to DAC.

Meet Our Team