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Checklist when choosing a school

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The relationship with your first instructor will shape and affect the way you fly for the rest of your career. All of our full-time instructors have been handpicked and trained at the school. We believe our instructor training courses to be amongst the very best on offer and have received commendations from the South African Civil aviation Authority (SA CAA) for these programmes. Student and Instructor ratios are kept low and you will be assigned an instructor who will train and mentor you through all of your flight training.



At Durban Aviation Centre we have a range of aircraft to meet your needs through each and every phase of the training process from light two seat trainers to twin engine and aerobatic aircraft. All of the aircraft in our extensive fleet are maintained to the highest standards by professional and experienced Aircraft maintenance Organizations’ (AMO’s). The school has a zero tolerance when it comes to the serviceability of aircraft. We strongly believe in developing a culture of safety in all of the pilots that come through the school. Unlike many other schools we own our own aircraft and as such have a vested interest in their upkeep. See the link for more information on training aircraft.



The school has been operating in one form or another in the main terminal building at Virginia Airport for more than 30 years. Whilst we have seen local competitors come and go we have strived to maintain a high standard. We believe this is what keeps both local and customers from all over the world keep coming back to Durban Aviation Centre.



Our central briefing room and reception is positioned with a spectacular view of the threshold of runway 05 and the Indian Ocean beyond. We have three more fully equipped briefing rooms. Student workstations are fitted with personal computers making full use of Computer Based Training programmes. Instructors have their own offices helping them to prepare in the best possible way for lessons. The simulator is positioned in its own air-conditioned room allowing for uninterrupted Instrument Flying lessons. In addition we have our own hangar and a number of other offices in the main terminal.



We pride ourselves on the quality of our flight training syllabus and courses, which have been developed in house over a period of 20 years. The most experienced of instructors and examiners have contributed in their design. As mentioned we have received commendations from the CAA bearing testament to the high standard of our training manuals.