Scholars visiting us at DAC

Press release: DAC dedicates 67 minutes of their time to Nelson Mandela 67 Minute day…

The Nelson Mandela 67 Minutes Day was an idea that came from the late Nelson Mandela when celebrating his 90th birthday. The idea was to inspire all South Africans to donate 67 minutes of their time by doing something for humanity because together we have the power to change to world.

Durban Aviation Centre dedicated their 67 minutes to making a difference by hosting the Protech Maths, Science and Technology Education Centre for the morning, where 12 students had the opportunity to learn more about what the aviation industry has to offer in terms of aviation careers. DAC Chief Flight Instructor, Jon Sargood, welcomed the learners at the flight centre and told them that “flying is a privilege and that it was a pleasure to host a group of young people who were clearly passionate to learn about aviation”.

The learners were treated to a ground school session of basic introduction to flight by DAC Flight Instructor, Sherwyn Edeling and then they went to the simulator where each one had a turn to fly and land and aircraft. They were also given the opportunity to see the inside of a cockpit by Darren Halstead, and learn about the pre-flight inspection procedures before flight.

Durban Aviation Centre provided a light lunch for the learners and allowed them to interact with the Instructors and asking as many questions as they wanted. “It was great to see the excitement of the learners around the aircraft and specifically the simulator especially the ones that “landed” the aircraft safely, says training Instructor, Michael Cura.