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“Passion has been the driving force behind the Durban Aviation Centre situated at Virginia Airport, continuing a 30 year legacy of flight training on the premises

Commended by industry role players , Durban Aviation Centre strives to give people who share a fervent passion for flying the opportunity to become pilots. Students benefit from one on one attention from highly qualified and experienced instructors.

DAC has developed Standard Operating Procedures and extensive Crew Recourse Management training programmes that are unique to the school and allow our graduates to achieve an excellent standard. Stringent procedures and processes as well as a set of progressive syllabus, derived from years of experience, ensure that the highest standards are conformed to. The high quality of training provided by Durban Aviation Centre ensures that students have the necessary skills and competencies to work in the real world of aviation..Durban Aviation Centre is also TETA Accredited”


Popular Courses

  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

From your very first lesson the flight training you receive is designed to prepare you for a career as a professional pilot. The approach at Durban Aviation Centre is to build solid foundations in the early stages of your training which will form the basis for the rest of your flying career. You will learn that piloting is a multi disciplined skill and that the quality of your preparation, planning and attitude are paramount to success and safety.

As part of the integrated CPL course we have extended the PPL to 50 hours (5 hours more than the CAA requirement) in order to give you the experience and instruction so important in these early stages. Besides the minimum of 50 hours of flight training the PPL Course includes a number of theoretical courses and examinations.

At Durban Aviation Centre you will receive extensive ground briefing at all stages of the training. We believe in solid preparation and planning before each and every flight. As well as these scheduled one to one briefings you will also attend a Radio Course for the Restricted Radio License, an English Proficiency Test, and the PPL ground school in preparation for the seven PPL examinations. In addition there are progress tests every 10 hours of flight training, a pre solo test and a written test on the training aircraft.

To supplement the briefing and ground school lectures computer based training courses are available to all students. During this phase of the training the pilot makes the momentous first solo flight but more importantly learns all the basic skills upon which their flying career rests. On completion on the PPL students move on to the Night Rating.

For many years now we have referred to our CPL course as The Professional Pilot Course. Our reasoning is that the course is designed not just to comply with the CAA requirements and not just to pass the flight test. The course goes way beyond, and prepares trainee pilots for the real world of piloting. When reading through the training manual you will see compulsory International flights, challenging navigation exercises to the busiest of airspace. The trainee will experience flying aircraft with new age glass cockpits and receive thorough training on human performance issues such as communication skills, stress management and situational awareness.

Our objective is to train capable, competent pilots who will have the skills and knowledge to go to work the day they walk out of our door.

The CPL course does not stand alone, the training and preparation start from the very first flight lesson toward the PPL. Our Integrated CPL and Instrument rating course is broken down into five phases of training. Each phase of the training builds toward clear goals including the PPL, Night Rating and the Instrument Rating.

In preparing the professional pilot we use a holistic approach. We feel that it is important to help develop the right attitude amongst trainees. Regular safety meetings, briefings on important human performance issues and systems that help develop a strong safety culture are all just as important as the flight training.

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